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Related post: Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2010 11:09:05 -0700 (PDT) From: Cailen Vature Subject: Raven Chapter 12PLEASE READ THESE DISCLAIMERS: This story is a very long work of gay erotic science fiction. There are some scenes of man on man action but it will not be a dominating factor in this story. So if you are looking for something to get off to you might as well turn around now. The names and places in this story are entirely fictitious, any relation to persons or events are entirely coincidental. HOWEVER: they are based off of real places and events to make the story seem more plausible. If you are underage, beach model or child model nonue this is illegal where you are, then please do the right thing... (Whatever that may be...) This lia model rapidshare story is copyrighted, 2010. To me the author and it is therefore illegal tight naked models to copy or use any part of this story without my written permission. Which leads me to: If you have any desire to get in contact with me for sissy model comments, directions to a good Beta, pictures, or music relating to the story, or korean women models for permission darla teen models to use my story (for lord only knows what...) You may contact kiddy models tgp me at my email address: Asian artistic models cailenauthoryahoo.com Thank you: CailenChapter 12: The Pen is Mightier... I spent my fitness models male morning with Ian talking about stuff. 14yo models underwear We worked out some of the model agency contract better details new model rifles of us going into `the closet' and we also talked about our likes and dislikes and I made it much longer than I had yesterday before I needed my pain meds. The doctor came in to give me the meds and looked over my vitals "Lift your arms up" he asked and I complied "Any pain?" he asked "Only a little" I said "Good, now I want you to try to get off this bed and walk over to your friend there across the room" the doctor said pointing to Ian who had taken a seat on the far team models nude side of the room when the doctor entered. I moved to swing my legs over the side of the bed and did little kids models feel some stinging pain amateur model videos in my side when I moved and I quickly learned how to control my movement to avoid that pain. I felt my feet connect with the cold floor "Good... now stand" the doctor said and frankly artist articulated model that was easier said than done seeing how I haven't done this in a week. I pressed down and tried pulling myself upright but I fell back down to the bed resulting in a stabbing pain in my side. Ian got up to come to little models kdz my rescue but the doctor held him off "Let him come to russian sixteens models you, don't worry I'm here teens model thongs in teenage model tgp case he falls" the doctor said to Ian "That's hardly reassuring" I said giving him a frown "Your incentive is that way" the doctor said pointing to Ian I groaned but tried again and found myself on shaky feet. I held onto the railing of the bed for dear life as my knees threatened to buckle below me and I steadied myself and took pause standing for the first time in nearly a week. "Back on my feet" I said giving Ian a smile who smiled back I decided to stretch and bent my knees up and rolled my ankles `Boy that feels good' "Stiff anywhere?" the doctor asked seriously "Not there yet..." I smirked in my reply indicating teenie model tgp Ian sitting across pedo model dark the room "Ha ha..." Ian said with a smile "In all seriousness I nude model directory could really go for a foot massage" I said causing 14yo models nude the doctor to smile I planted my feet back down after my stretching and took a few tentative steps towards the end of the bed. Finally I managed to overcome my fears and took my first few steps out into the center of the room. I found my lil models pre confidence and walked the remaining model nudes way into Ian's waiting arms and I sat down child model masha in the chair next to him "It feels good to be out lolta nude model of bed" I said "Good to see you out of bed" Ian smiled at me "Well that was excellent, I will be signing your release papers, you can go home this afternoon, but we will have three follow ups in the next few weeks to see how you are healing" the adolescent model nude doctor smiled walking out the door "Wait!" I called to the doc who stood vlad nn models in the doorway "Yes?" the doctor asked "any questions?" "I... I just didn't catch hairy pussy models your name" I said blushing at model free preeten the absurdity of the thin models question The doc didn't seem to mind and let out a kind smile "It's Trap, Trap Willis" The doctor sexy little model said walking out of the room "He seems like a nice guy" Ian smiled "He's gay" I said back causing Ian's eyes to cil model 470 widen "How... how do you know that?" Ian asked "Simple... he told me" I said giving Ian a smirk "He just told you?" Ian asked amazed "Yup, he's got these two kids and..." "He had kids?" Ian asked "Adopted, beautiful family" I said Ian smiled and hugged me young model princess closer gently to not upset my side. At that moment I saw my parents enter my room. Ian tried pulling himself away but I wasn't having that and I squeezed russian petite models him even closer. "You're up!" my mom exclaimed seeing me sitting in the chair "the doctor said we would be taking you home today" she smiled brilliantly "I'm ready to lola nude model go home... but I don't think I have yound russian model enough space in my bedroom for african models nude all this bikini models wallpapers stuff" I gestured to the mountain of gifts and balloons and cards and well wishes" "About that..." my dad nathan teen model said stepping awesome models forward from around my mom "our phone has been ringing nude nubile models off the hook since the incident and amateur models orgy there's this, my dad said handing me a newspaper" I took the paper nervously in my hand. I started shaking and I didn't think I could open it" "It's alright" Ian said taking my hand and helping me open it "Student Attack Raises Awareness to Hate Crimes" Birchmont's own Dustin Farrell 15 a rising swimming star was brutally attacked by fellow student Corey Vancil. Vancil was apprehended moments after the attack youngvideomodels yvm and taken into custody. Vancil had two other accomplices little models 10yo Joey tori model gallery LeBlanc and Nick Lyons who young canada models were also taken into custody but were later released. All three have been expelled from Birchmont High School; Mr. Greene vice principle of Birchmont High released the following statement. "Our Hearts go out to the families affected by this terrible chain of events. There can be no doubt from the nature of the attack tgp russian models and from eye witness testimony and from what we have learned from several students that this attack was deliberately plotted and carried out in the nature of a hate crime." russian model agency An undisclosed source reported that Mr. Farrell suffered "two broken ribs, a mini model girls bruised solar plexus, a dislocated jaw, two black eyes, a re-broken nose, and pics model was sexually assaulted with a wooden dowel young model tgp suffering multiple ruptures and over fifty contusions over his whole body." There has been a lot of conjecture whether or not Mr. Farrell was indeed a homosexual, the student outcry zoey model gallery after this horrific attack has been astounding and shows of support has been enormous. A student rally was held the day nn model asian before Birchmont's first swim meet young undergarmet models and a contingent of students went to the meet waving banners and wearing shirts supporting fkk child model the student who couldn't be there. Waves porn models oops of calls have been flooding the school from parents and members of the community in show of support of Mr. Farrell" The article continued but I couldn't keep reading. I looked up at my parents and then over to Ian. "So what do you think?" my hungary porno models dad asked To be honest I had no idea, shows of support? I've hadn't had friends in ages and it takes my almost dying to change all that? I was speechless and stunned and midsummer ls model had no way of computing exactly what I felt about it. The story was incomplete; the newspaper was missing a huge portion of what happened... they were missing my story. "I don't really know..." I said "Well there are several other stories like it and the papers have been calling our house young bikini models constantly asking to speak with you but obviously we said no we..." "Can I teens ls models have a pen and paper?" I asked as my idea sparked in naked preeteen models my head "Sure" Ian said reaching to a amateur model snapshots table next to him and trampoline nn model grabbed a mechanical pencil. I clicked the lead into place. My dad got the wheelie tray that used to feed me food on the bed and lowered it so I could write on it while I blackwalls model shop was sitting "My name is Dustin Farrell. Currently I am moments away from being released from the hospital, I have learned of the shows modelos desnudas colombianas of support towards me and I am grateful to you all. Like family our community responds together lilimodel in the face of tragedy and this is no different. However there are a few things I would like to express. For years I have felt alone and friendless. I am a homosexual, a fag. My feelings prevented me from teens models vlad interacting like other boys around me. Corey discovered my secret and years of beatings followed. He proceeded to slander my name through the mud to where nobody would dare even sit near me... where was my support and rallies of friends then? Though 14yo russian model I sit here still recovering in the hospital and I am sure my parents think I am loopy I really don't think Corey is completely to blame, I allowed this to continue because I was bikini boob models too afraid 1965 corvette model to come out. I allowed this to happen because I was ashamed to say anything. A friend once told me that it is easy to focus on the bad and overlook the good. I always teen polish models saw Corey as a bully, and he only saw me as a faggot. model schoolgirls But Corey is also a petite models needed great student, a good friend and a good athlete and I hope the media and community honor his family's jojo model teen privacy during this time. I know that I am not alone, and that there are others, suffering to come out. You're afraid and you fear the unknown. I ask that you not be afraid and that you speak up. If you know of somebody going through this, speak up. kinky child models It's my hope that people like me don't think of Corey as an evil person, as I also hope that people like-minded (to Corey) will see me as a good person. Hate works both ways and I hope that together we will overcome this so that this could have been young porno modells prevented. I hope to return to school soon and win some medals at the next swimming tournament. Thanks Dustin Farrell" I signed the paper and folded it into three's and handed it to my dad. "Make sure that child model busty gets to the right place" I said My dad unfolded the letter and read it over before nudging nude girl models my mom and handing it to her and they both looked at me "This is well written" my mom said I was sort of ashamed and wanted to take the letter back but she folded it and placed it in her purse "I thought I should make a statement or something..." I said "Oh you made a statement alright" my dad smiled "a good one" "Want to help me up?" I asked child models porno my dad who have me an arm up and I stood on shaky legs again and I walked petite mature modeling to the window and looked down five stories and saw a preteeen models helicopter sitting nichole model torrent on a landing pad. "We're at UMASS?" I asked my dad "Yup... where you were born" he said Doctor Willis came back only a moment lttle girl models later "Well I have someone's release form, someone wants to go home today?" he asked with a smile I smiled back "You sure lilly models I'm good to be on my own?" teen modelling thumbs I asked "On your own?" the doctor scratched his head dramatically christina model s I could tell he teen models tv was making fun of me "you're going to be lucky if you can even poop alone" He was probably right "Besides..." he continued "I'm going to see you at your follow ups to make sure that you're healing alright skye young model and that there are no complications. I'm still prescribing you another week's rest before venturing back to school and probably a week or two more before swimming as we need to keep an eye on your rib which will be tender for quite some time to come." "Thanks for everything" teen model titties I said with a smile "You're entirely welcome, I got to run these to the office, err... You might want to get changed before you leave" Dr. Willis gave me a funny glance over when I realized I had been wearing a hospital gown the who time and my backside was exposed for all to see I flushed with embarrassment when my dad went to the stack sexkids models of well wishes and procured a bad accupunture training models with some of my clothes models young swallow from home and I quickly as I could managed hobbled to the bed and got dressed. I was totally embarrassed when Ian insisted on wheeling me to the car in a wheelchair but I was grateful as mom and dad went to get the car and we were left alone... with my mountain of anya vlad model well wishes "You know I wanted to curse the good doctor... I was enjoying the view of your ass" Ian whispered in my ear as he held tennessee teen modeling the chair "Thanks" I muttered back "You're still beautiful you know" Ian whispered "and I 15 model y.o love you" "You too" I said watching my parents pull up Ian and I remained a hetero distance away from each other the whole ride back which hurt and when we got back to the house my Dad had to bring Ian back to his dad's house and with sexy7 teen model my parents there I couldn't kiss him. But he promised to be back over for Monday which made me happy so I said I would see him then. My dad actually carried me up the stairs into my room and after all the excitement from the morning I fell asleep almost instantly.
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